Sulan Chen

Dr. Sulan Chen is an Adjunct Professor of Public Service at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.  She is also the Programme Advisor at the GEF Small Grants Program (SGP). She oversees more than 20 country programs in Asia, Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States. She leads the global policy development, strategic positioning, knowledge management and advocacy for SGP’s international waters and chemicals and waste portfolio development, and plays an instrumental role in developing global corporate strategic policies and documents for fund mobilization. She spearheaded inter-agency program development and implementation in the Caribbean Sea, the South China Sea, and the Nile River and other international waterbodies.  Prior to joining UNDP, during 2002-2006, Dr. Chen worked for a UNEP’s multi-national project to promote regional environmental cooperation in the South China Sea. She started her international development career as a research assistant to evaluate GEF portfolios at the Global Environment Facility Secretariat, the World Bank Group. Dr. Chen has published two books and a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Ocean and Coastal Management, Environmental Development, Development, and China Environment Series. 
       Dr. Chen holds a PhD in political economy and international relations and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Maryland at the College Park.  She received her BA degree from Nankai University, China, and was trained with one year’s graduate program in international economics at the Johns’ Hopkins SAIS Nanjing Center.


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