Onitiri, Yemi

Area of Study: 
Civil Affairs, Area Studies, Rural and Urban Development, Civil-Military Relations, Foreign Internal Defense, Conflict Management, Physical Security, and Community-Based Politics
Proposed Dissertation Topic: 

Empowering the district governance for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Yemi Onitiri is a PhD student in Global Affairs. He received his Bachelor degree in Health Science from Campbell University, North Carolina, and Master’s degree from DGA, with a concentration in global governance. Before joining DGA, he graduated from the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School as a Civil Affairs Analyst. And also received a diploma in Arabic language and middle eastern studies from the Defense Language Institute. He has completed military operations and travelled to different parts of the world, to include conducting combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his last deployment to south Asia, he worked as civil affairs analyst at the Combined Joint Special Operation Task Force-Afghanistan. He liaises between host nation country, IGOs, NGOs and US government. Yemi’s professional areas of specialization include nation-building, civil-military operation, political-economy and development. He and his four-man civil affairs team aassumed responsibility for promoting local governance, the rule of law, and economic growth at all level of the government. As a Noncommissioned Officer, he trained and mentored members of the Afghan National Army Special Operation Command on civil-military operation and foreign internal defense procedures. In 2016, he interned in Nigeria, at the Lagos state office of overseas affairs and investment. Based on his experience during the internship, he wrote and presented an internship report at DGA, titled: Lagos Global Framework for Economic Revitalization.

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