Program on Human Security

An overview of the ET21 fellowship offer can be found here.

Program on Human Security, Non-Traditional Threats and Vulnerable Populations

Increasingly, policymakers and scholars recognize that many of the major security problems of the 21st century are novel in character and will have to be addressed through innovative and transnational mechanisms. In the 20th century, major challenges to personal safety and liberties came from interstate wars. In today’s increasingly globalized and fragmented world, the most pernicious threats to human security emanate from poverty, malnutrition, disease, criminality and conflict over identity politics in a variety of forms. As a result, governmental and intergovernmental organizations, the military and the representatives of civil society, wrestle with a variety of threats that are borderless in character. This program focuses on both the drivers and possible responses to those threats. 



This program will generate and disseminate

  • Research reports,
  • Policy papers and briefs
  • Larger works designed for an academic audience.

The collective goal is to understand the cause and consequences of human insecurity in a variety of forms, and to advocate nonpartisan policy proposals. Its intended primary audience will be national and international policy makers, nongovernmental organizations, corporations and other interested stakeholders.

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