Program on Global Institutions

An overview of the ET21 fellowship offer can be found here.

Program on Resilience and Sustainability of Global Institutions
Governance on the local, national and international level matters. Increasingly, emerging threats are governed by traditional institutions. These institutions were often created, staffed, and funded to respond to a set of issues that have receeded in significance. In contrast, for example, cities and municipal governments now face novel problems. They attempt to cultivate national and international linkages while trying to manage the integration of different cohorts of immigrant and domestic populations. These populations have varied social service needs, while suffering from new forms and degrees of criminality, in a context of increasing inequality. Traditional bureaucracies and civil society organizations are often ill-prepared to identify the future human landscape of their cities and to manage innovative programs to accommodate these myriad changes. This program will work with a variety of stakeholders – ranging from representatives of intergovernmental, national and city administrators to civil society organizations involved in threat management - to map the future of efficient and effective governance.

This program begins its work by

  • Bringing together mayors from a number of cities throughout the world with vulnerable populations with the goal of commencing a dialogue regarding best practices for the identification of emerging threats, the reorganization of agencies, practices and procedures, and the ramifications of failure to confront emerging threats.
  • Based on those discussions, it will produce a series of written policy papers and briefings

It will establish a significant, varied presence on social media that will extend beyond websites and twitter to Ted-style talks on local issues on the management of global changes at the local level.

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