Social Entrepreneur Rama Chakaki Speaks on Refugee Education

Social Entrepreneur Rama Chakaki discusses importance of refugee education at DGA luncheon
On March 8th, 2017 the Division of Global Affairs, led by Program Director Richard O’Meara and Associate Director Natalie Jesionka hosted Syrian-born Rama Chakaki at a lunch meeting for DGA students. As co-founder of Baraka Ventures Ms. Chakaki, educated in Saudi Arabia and a graduate of the George Washington University, discussed with students how she was able to position herself in a leadership role in the Arab world’s entrepreneurial landscape. Having drawn from experiences post-graduation in both the technology and finance industries, Ms. Chakaki went on to launch Baraka Ventures. Her work with Baraka has enabled her to promote and foster the growth of innovative social enterprises to make a social impact. She is involved in community-based projects, and works with other social entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and collaborate with governments interested in new ways of investing in communities.

During the meeting, Ms. Chakaki also described to students an important initiative she is currently working on: as co-founder of the “VIP Fund” (Very Important Projects Fund), she is involved in meeting the challenge of improving learning outcomes for refugees and displaced young people under 24 years of age. In a society where globally, over 50 million children are refugees or migrants, it is critical to provide this population with an education. Ensuring that their situation does not stop them from obtaining an education is an essential step in addressing the challenges that displaced persons face and is also a critical step in preventing future crises. Rama also described the importance of the internet in addressing this challenge as well as its role as an essential tool that can be used as a medium to provide an educational opportunity to these disadvantaged populations.
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