Professor Reich Publishes Article in International Affairs

September 1, 2017

Professor Simon Reich recently co-authored an article with Naval War College Professor Peter Dombrowski titled "Does Trump Have a Grand Strategy?" The article was published on September 1, 2017 as the lead article  in International Affairs, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House's) counterpart to the Council on Foreign Relation's Foreign Affairs.  Please see the abstract below for more information about the article:

"Six months into the Trump presidency, scholars and pundits are already speculating whether the president has developed a ‘doctrine’ or, more expansively, a ‘grand strategy’. No doubt, unfolding events—in Asia, the Middle East and possibly Europe—will sustain this debate about Trump's strategy in the months and, possibly years, to come. It will be prompted by disparate events that stretch from directing vocal threats to the North Koreans regarding their nuclear program to demands that NATO members increase their defence budgets. But, stepping back from Washington's and the media's news cycle, it is worth noting that such deliberation about the Trump presidency is unexceptional. Grand strategy debates are always fashionable. What is overlooked in these raging debates is a prior question: can Donald Trump—or any other American president—implement a grand strategy in the twenty-first century? Our answer is no, they can't. Despite the professed differences among US presidential administrations, each in fact responded to them in markedly similar ways. In fact, we argue, Americans may debate a variety of grand strategies. But a combination of systemic international challenges and bureaucratic tussling between civilian and military leaders ensures that any presidential administration simultaneously implements a variety of calibrated strategies (ranging from liberal institutionalism to restraint and even neo-isolationism), depending on the circumstances."

Peter Dombrowski and Simon Reich, "Does Trump have a grand strategy?" International Affairs, Volume 93, Issue 5, 1 September 2017, Pages 1013–1037,

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