PhD Candidate Yvan Yenda Ilunga Participates in Panel Organized by the World Bank's Civil Society Policy Forum

Yvan Yenda Ilunga, PhD Candidate in the Division of Global Affairs and Graduate Assistant in the Office of the Dean of the Graduate school Newark, participated in a panel organized by the World Bank's Civil Society Policy Forum during the World Bank and IMF Annual meetings in Washington D.C. The panel aimed to discuss the role of civil societies organizations in the realization of the SDGs. Yvan's topic addressed the issues of economic reforms and poverty eradication in post conflict and fragile states. He argued that economic reforms implemented for past 30years focused on the regulation of macroeconomic activities and had neglected to incorporate local economic development initiatives in their policy frameworks which would have helped to sustain growth and promote social development. He later argued that effective economic reforms are the ones that incorporates complex strategies to address complex social issues such as poverty and quality employment. They don't assume that quantitative growth equals qualitative change. 

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