PhD Candidate Yvan Ilunga's Latest Publication and Conference Participation

Beyond the simplistic narrative of political instabilities in the DRC, Yvan Ilunga our DGA PhD Candidate and SAGA President has published a new article for the Conversation entitled "Stability in the DRC: A Look Beyond Political Agreements". In this piece Yvan argues that while conflicts in the DRC has a lot to do with power relations between political actors, peace and stability of the country will highly depend on incorporating concerns of political legitimacy, economic issues and transitional leadership into the broader peacebuilding framework.
In addition, Yvan just presented a paper entitled " The Construct of Legal and Political norms by Non-State Actors in the Pursuit of Security and Political Stability in Africa"  under the thematic "Security and Political Development in Africa" at the CDIA 2017 Conference. The conference was organized by the Center for Democracy and International Affairs (CDIA) and the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia International University. 

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