PhD Candidate Alejandro Gimenez Santana Presents Research in Philadelphia and Mexico City

November 30, 2017 — PhD Candidate Alejandro Gimenez Santana recently presented his research at two conferences.  On November 18 he presented at the American Society of Criminology (#ASC17) in Philadelphia, PA.  His presentation was titled "RTM and Socio-economic Stratification: Identifying Risky Places for Violent Crime Victimization in Bogotá."  

A few days later, Alejandro flew to Mexico City, Mexico to attend the II Seminario Internacional de Políticas Policiales Basadas en la Evidencia: Red Nacional de Analistas para la Seguridad Pública, which brought together people from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Spain, as well as representatives from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and other relevant stakeholders.  His research was titled "International Seminar on Evidence-Based Policing Strategies to Improve Public Security," and dealt with the use of more evidence-based policing strategies to reduce police bias and improve security in the region.  Additionally, he presented RTM software that has been developed by the Rutgers Center on Public Security ( and how it has been used in cities like Bogotá, Colombia and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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