Opening Session - Fall 2017 Capstone Colloquium

The Rutgers Division of Global Affairs is pleased to invite you to our weekly Capstone Colloquium Series.
Join us this Wednesday, 20th September, when Dr. Reza Fakhari will speak to us on the theme of Global Development. The talk will take place from 11.00am-12.30pm at the Dana room, Dana library. 

Dr. Fakhari currently serves on the board of directors at Amnesty International. He has had a long-standing, passionate commitment to promoting human rights globally. This interest began in his years as a dissident in Iran where he was arrested under the Shah’s regime for possessing testimonies of political prisoners and banned books. Since becoming a higher education practitioner in the U.S., he has intensified this devotion by conceiving and successfully implementing civic and global engagement programs at his colleges, lecturing and writing about the imperative of global citizenship, and serving on the board of national organizations devoted to human, civil, and democratic rights.
He frequently speaks and writes about the imperative of global, intercultural, and interreligious understanding and engagement in our rapidly globalizing and highly interdependent world. You can read his recent article on “Educating for Religious Pluralism and Inclusive Citizenship” here -
Additionally, Dr. Fakhari is Vice President for Continuing Education, Workforce Development, and Strategic Community Partnerships & Professor of International Politics at The City University of New York/Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, New York.
Speaker: Dr. Reza Fakhari
Title: Global Development
Date: Wednesday, September 20th
Time: 11.00am - 12.30pm
Venue: Dana room, Dana library

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