Invitation to Lunch Reception with Dr. Richard Langhorne - April 11

The Division of Global Affairs is pleased to invite you to a lunch reception with one of ​DGA's founding directors, Dr.Richard Langhorne on the 11th of April. Dr. Langhorne will reflect on his career and share valuable insights on what it takes to engage in global leadership.

Richard Langhorne was the founding director of DGA, Rutgers and full professor from 1996 - 2012 and is now a Professorial Fellow at DGA. He was Director of the Centre of International Studies at Cambridge University from 1982 - 1993, and Fellow of St. John's College (1975 - 1993)  Director of Wilton Park, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1993-1996. His publications include The Collapse of the Concert of Europe, 1897 - 1914 (1981); The Practice of Diplomacy (1994 and 2011); The Coming of Globalization (2001); Diplomacy 3 vols, (2004);The Essentials of Global Politics (2006)

This will be an excellent opportunity for students to engage more closely with 
​Dr.Langhorne, ​and get his insights on how to navigate the academic landscape. We sincerely recommend that you attend this reception. The reception will be held from 12.45 - 13.45pm on Wednesday, April 11th in Room 239, Conklin Hall, 175 University Avenue, Newark.
Please confirm your attendance by emailing Manasa Bollempalli at Thank you!

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