These unique fellowships can be used for field research, conference travel and research support. Only DGA students are eligible to apply.
Please note, all applications are due by August 15th. See enclosed application form for further details.

  • As a 2017-2018 Reich or Ferguson Fellow: recipients will be expected to:
  1. Conduct Research or Fieldwork in an area related to Global Governance as it relates to US foreign policy.
  2. Offer a Signature Lecture to the DGA and Rutgers community about their work and research.
  3. Contribute to the Public Discourse by publishing an article or editorial in a relevant media or journal as a Simon Reich Fellow.
  4. Submit an assessment and evaluation of the research during and after the fellowship.


  • Benefits of the fellowship include:
  1. A $5,000 research stipend.
  2. Mentorship sessions with Dr. Reich or Dr. Ferguson to discuss the evolution of research and work.
  3. Access to present to the Rutgers University community and greater Newark community.
  4. An opportunity to help further develop the fellowship and a future cohort of students.



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