O'Meara, Richard

Dr. Richard M. O’Meara presently serves as the Director of the Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers University and as a Professor of law and Global Security Issues. He is a retired Army General Officer and trial attorney and received his PhD in Global Affairs from Rutgers University and his JD from Fordham University. His research interest include the application of ethics to the used of military technologies, the intersection of ethnicity and violence in conflict zones, security and foreign policy issues in Sub-Saharan Africa and the North Pacific, and Conflict Resolution. He has travelled widely in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America working with stake holders to create dialogue and solutions regarding the cessation of conflict. His recent work includes Going Home For Apples and Other Short Stories (Amazon); Governing Military Technologies in the 21st Century, Ethics and Operations (Palgrave/Macmillan); chapters in Robot Ethics, The Ethics and Social Implications of Robotics (MIT Press) ; Routledge Handbook of Ethics and War, Just War Theory in the twenty-first century (Routledge); and articles JUS POST BELLUM: Reflections on the Right Way to End a War, Journal on Terrorism and Security Analysis (Syracuse University) and International Governance of Autonomous Military Robots, Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (Columbia University School of Law).


Faculty Type: 
Division of Global Affairs
English, Spanish
Sub-Saharan Africa
Director of the Division of Global Affairs
Ph.D. Rutgers University; J.D. Fordham University
(973) 353-3285
Office Location: 
Conklin Hall 211
Areas of Specialization: 
International law, military ethics, emerging military technologies and ethnic violence

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