Jesionka, Natalie

One of DGA's own graduates, Natalie Jesionka is a lecturer of Sociology and Anthropology and Women’s Studies at Rutgers University Newark where she teaches Human Rights, Human Trafficking, and International Development. Her work in higher education includes serving as Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Services, and Director of International Programs at universities in Norway and New York City. Natalie is the Founder of the PRIZM Project, a human rights education organization for young women.

O'Meara, Richard

Dr. Richard M. O’Meara presently serves as the Director of the Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers University and as a Professor of law and Global Security Issues. He is a retired Army General Officer and trial attorney and received his PhD in Global Affairs from Rutgers University and his JD from Fordham University.

Gordon, Desirée

Desirée Gordon has been with DGA since its inception as the Center for Global Change and Governance (CGCG) 18 years ago. She watched the Division grow from a small office shared with others, to the academic and research unit it is today. Desirée’s role is two-fold, first to support the Division administratively and second to support DGA students, alum and guests. Having been here since the beginning, Desirée is usually the first person alum ask for when they return to visit.

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