Center for the Study of Emergent Threats in the 21st Century

The Division of Global Affairs is proud to announce a call for application for the Rutgers Center for
the Study of Emergent Threats in the 21st Century (ET21) Fellowship. These five competitive
fellowships from the Division of Global Affairs enables students to engage in research or fieldwork
in a variety of emergent threats to civilians and the institutions which purport to govern them.
Specifically, these fellowships focus on three components of emerging threats: human security,
environmental challenges and solutions, and resilience and sustainability of programs and
institutions. More information on these topics are found under the drop down menu of the ET21 tab.

ET21 was created in order generate better linkages between the research activity of faculty and those of students, creating a better prepared and educated cohort of graduates able to compete in the global marketplace for jobs. By developing a long-term partnership with the programs, funds and specialized agencies of the United Nations, several national governments, as well as partner institutions across the globe, ET21 enlarges DGA’s global network of linkages. ET21 is housed under the Division of Global Affairs (DGA) at Rutgers University in Newark. ET21 awards five student research fellowships each academic year. These fellows work under the supervision of established faculty experts to develop programs, conferences and nonpartisan policy documents which contribute to the dialogue regarding emerging threats. The growing prominence and prestige of the DGA as a premier interdisciplinary research-oriented policy program have allowed it to establish itself as a center of excellence in the field of global affairs, worldwide.

As a 2017-2018 ET21 fellow, recipients will be expected to:
                1) Conduct Research or Fieldwork to understand and/or offer policy prescriptions for the three
                     main components of ET21.
                2) Offer a Signature Lecture to the DGA and Rutgers community about their work and
                3) Contribute to the Public Discourse by publishing an article or editorial in a relevant
                     media or journal as a ET21 fellow.
                4) Submit an assessment and evaluation of the research during and after the fellowship

Benefits of the fellowship include:
                *A $5,000 research stipend.
                *Mentorship sessions with Dr. O’Meara and DGA staff to discuss research and work.
                *Access to present to the Rutgers University community and greater Newark community.
                *An opportunity to help further develop the fellowship and the future cohort of students.

To apply for the fellowship students must submit the following for the fellowship committee
                1) Resume
                2) Research Statement (two pages): highlight any applicable research skills
                3) Personal Statement (1000 words maximum)
                4) One Recommendation Letter
                5) Please address the following short answers questions (1000 words, maximum)
                     Please tell us about the origins of your interest, personal experience to date, and
                     career goals relevant to human security; environmental challenges and
                     solutions; resilience and sustainability of programs and institutions.

The fellowship award is $5,000 and can be used to support students travel, fieldwork, or research.
This fellowship is directly sponsored by the Division of Global Affairs. At the end of the
fellowship year, students will be expected to compose an evaluation report about their time and
work as a fellow, and be encouraged to sit on the fellowship committee the following year. A
student can only receive the award once during their studies at DGA.

For any questions about the fellowship, please email DGA Associate Director Natalie Jesionka at or DGA Global Program Manager Sonam Tashi at

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