Global Affairs Alumni Network

Division of Global Affairs alumni are spread worldwide and employed in academia, policy, and research in both the private and public sectors at national, international, and global levels.  If you are a DGA alumni and are interested in becoming involved please contact our main office.

The 2017 - 2019 Division of Global Affairs Alumni Network Executive Board is:

  • Lillian Hussong, President (PhD Candidate)
  • Allison Dowd, Vice President (MS alumna)
  • Olajumoke Ayandele, Liaison between current students and alumni (PhD Candidate)
  • Rosalia Gambino (PhD Student)

Notable Global Affairs Alumni

  • Dr. Amel Mili (awarded M.S. and Doctorate in Global Affairs)
    • Position: Director, Lauder Arabic Language and Culture Program and Lecturer in Arabic, Wharton Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania
    • Dissertation: Here.

  • Dr. Douglas Irvin-Erickson (awarded Doctorate in Global Affairs)
    • Position: Director Genocide Prevention Program School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University
    • Dissertation: Here.

  • Jonas Haertle (awarded Master of Science in Global Affairs, 2007)
    • Position: Head PRME Secretariat, United Nations Global Compact
    • Connect with Mr. Haertle LinkedIn

"I currently serve as Head of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) secretariat of the United Nations Global Compact Office. I am responsible for driving the mission of the PRME initiative, to inspire responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally. I provide global leadership in bringing together good practice in implementing the principles of PRME and the UN Global Compact. Prior to joining the United Nations, I attained a MS in Global Affairs from Rutgers University, Newark campus in 2006. Originally from Germany, I spent one year at Rutgers during the 2005-6 term on a Fulbright scholarship and building off my research and coursework at Hamburg University in Germany. I chose the DGA program due to its focus on global rather than solely international issues and for the flexibility the program provided in choosing courses from a range of departments including Rutgers' New Brunswick campus. Another appealing factor was the possibility to focus on a United Nations-related topic for the final master's thesis which I wrote under the guidance of Professor Alexander Hinton."

  •  Sam Miller (awarded M.S. in Global Affairs 2014)
    • Position: Economic Development Analyst, New York Grant Company
    • Connect with Mr. Miller LinkedIn

I am an Economic Development Analyst working for the New York Grant Company based in Lower Manhattan.  In this capacity, I work with companies large and small to increase local, state and regional sustainable development.  Our team guides small, medium and multinational corporations through the maze of various local, state and federal economic development programs that incentivize companies to expand, retain and grow jobs, lower energy use and invest in energy efficient equipment. The skills and knowledge I gained in my graduate studies from the Division of Global Affairs has been extremely helpful in all aspects of my current job.  I attribute my wide range of perspectives to my studies that lead to my multi-disciplinary M.S. degree in Global Affairs.  This degree has allowed me to draw from a variety of subject matter to better evaluate and fully understand economic policy and economic development strategy in a way that would not be possible from a single perspective.  Following the completion of my M.S., I am now fully competent in understanding, evaluating, analyzing economic development from a public policy, economics, legal, business and political science perspective.

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