Certificate Program

Globalization has created the need for career-minded students and professionals to better understand an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world. The certificate helps position professionals and students who do not wish to obtain a second degree, yet still desire a broader perspective on the pervasive impact of global affairs. Certificates are often relevant to career professionals who wish to demonstrate to their employers an expertise in a particular area of global affairs. The certificate is meant to introduce prospective M.S. students to the core components of the Global Affairs M.S. program without requiring formal enrollment. 

Students who are enrolled in the M.S. program (full-time, part-time or on-line) or the Ph.D. program (full-time) may obtain a Certificate by grouping one (1) Area of Inquiry with nine (9) credits worth of elective courses which fall within the same general category of inquiry.

Please visit here for further details on the certificate program and pre-approved courses for each certificate area. 

Certificate Programs
DGA offers certificates in the following areas:

  • Ethics, Security, and Global Affairs
  • Global Governance 
  • Human Security
  • Global Political Economy 
  • International Law
  • International Business 
  • Global Development
  • Human Rights and Mass Atrocities

Students not already enrolled in M.S. or Ph.D. programs will enroll in DGA as a non-degree student.

Curriculum Requirements
Certificates are awarded after successful completion of twelve (12) credits in a specific Area of Inquiry (AI).
1.   Completion of four (4) three credit courses including one AI
2.   Must receive a grade of "B" or higher in each course; 
3.   Courses must be taken within the DGA program;
4.   Each completed course may be applied to only one certificate program;
5.   If accepted, completed courses may be applied toward a Master's Degree or Ph.D.
A list of generally accepted electives which fall within the various Areas of Inquiry can be found here. Other courses throughout the University may be used to substantiate a specific Certificate upon demonstration of relevance and application to and approval by the Director. 

Requesting Course Approval
Students that are interested in an elective course that is not listed for their desired certification may request approval by completing the Request for Course Justification for DGA Certificate Form. Students are required to submit this form for approval to the DGA Director or Associate Director. Upon receiving approval, you may enroll in the requested course.
Students are required to take the appropriate AI course pertaining to the certificate they’re seeking. In the event that an alternative course is offered in lieu of the AI course, students must fill out the Request for Course Replacement Form. The completed form must be submitted for approval to the DGA Director or Associate Director. 

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