Master's Program - 40 Total Credits

The Division of Global Affairs (DGA) offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Global Affairs in residence. It may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. It is a multidisciplinary degree concerned with theoretically informed and problem-oriented approaches to transnational issues that interact with local issues. It is designed for practitioners in the Global Arena including business professionals, government employees, security professionals including the military, and those who are presently employed or plan careers with international governmental and non-governmental organizations. Forty (40) credits are required for the M.S. degree in Global Affairs. All students must complete:

  • Seven Areas of Inquiry (AIs) Courses with grades of B (3.0) or higher —21 credits​​​
  • One Research and Methodology Course —3 credits
  • Two Capstone Colloquia Series with grades of Pass —4 credits
  • One Foundation Course - (26:478:508; 26:790:508): Evolution of the Global System —3 credits
  • Three Elective Courses —9 credits; note: three electives may be joined with the applicable AI discipline to qualify for a certificate
  • Language Requirement— no credit; the language requirement is fulfilled by prior coursework, a major/minor, or demonstrated familiarity or fluency in another language. 

NOTE #1: M.S. students are strongly encouraged to take both a qualitative and a quantitative methodology course.
NOTE #2: Interested students can consider Internships or Independent Study as additional requirements.
NOTE #3: M.S. students must maintain a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher in all non-language courses taken at Rutgers University. If a student's academic performance falls below the expected standard, the DGA and the Graduate School-Newark may refuse the student the right of future registration and terminate studies. Students with an insufficient grade-point average may submit an appeal to the DGA Director. 

Time Limits
Students must complete their degrees within three years of admission into the M.S. program, regardless of whether students are part time or full time and regardless of whether they entered DGA with or without transfer credits. Students who fail to meet this deadline may be forced to withdraw from graduate studies at DGA.

Deviations from these time limits are not the norms and, when granted, require specific approval from the Deputy Director.

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