2018 Global Affairs Conference


Globalization vs. Nationalism

2018 Annual Global Affairs Conference
Rutgers Division of Global Affairs, Newark, NJ, Friday, April 13, 2018

The Rutgers Division of Global Affairs welcomes graduate students and faculty from around the world each year at the Annual Global Affairs Conference.  Led by the Student Association of Global Affairs (SAGA), the 2018 Annual Global Affairs Conference theme is "Globalization versus Nationalism."  The nexus between globalization and nationalism has been subject to debate within the global affairs discipline within the last century; both concepts hold an essential position in our contemporary world.  Their importance lies in the establishment of modern societies and nation-states, and their role in a world in which interdependence has expanded.

With its annual conference, the Student Association of Global Affairs at Rutgers University seeks to broaden this conversation and provide a space for students to deconstruct traditional narratives within international relations and global affairs by exploring the interaction between globalism and nationalism and how they can inform theory, analysis, practice, and methodology: Why do we need to take this discussion into account? How can it shape our thinking both at domestic and global levels?

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