The Division of Global Affairs is an interdisciplinary program that partners with organizations and groups focusing on various global issues and areas. These partnerships bring DGA to the center of the international arena through joint-publications, conferences and symposia, and a mutual interest in Global Affairs. These partnerships include the following:

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an independent, nonprofit, educational 501(c)3 institution serving international affairs professionals, teachers and students, and the public. The Division of Global Affairs and the Carnegie Council are partnered to bring together students, faculty and leaders in global affairs, specializing in global ethics. In 2012 Director Jean-Marc Coicaud was chosen as a Global ethic Fellow, and fostered the relationship between Rutgers and Carnegie.

Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA)

Rutgers University being at the forefront of global issues, GAIA and DGA are partnering  to give students and faculty the resources to address them academically.

Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGHR)

CGHR is known worldwide for its scholars and cutting-edge research on related issues such as genocide, conflict resolution, environmental change, sustainable development, transitional justice, and human rights abuses. DGA and CGHR regularly hold joint events to enhance the field and bring scholars from around the world to discuss these issues.

FRANCE24 Blog France24, the international news network has partnered with DGA to bring DGA students’ views to the global level. Students maintain a blog called The World Buzz.

Federation of Balkan American Associations (FEBA)

FEBA is a non-profit organization founded by a group of Balkan American individuals with the goal and mission to promote Balkan cultures, unity and economic and political cooperation through educational activities, an Annual Balkan Leader's Summit, lectures and seminars. DGA and FEBA organize conferences and symposia to advance the understanding of the Balkans and give students the opportunity to interact with leaders and academics on the region.

Global Studies Consortium

The purpose of this consortium is to promote and facilitate graduate teaching programs in global studies and foster cooperation among them.  It includes programs that are transnational, transcultural, global/local, or cross areas, and that are hospitable to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches within the humanities and social sciences to global studies.

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